Marc namblard, chant of frozen lakes

Marc Namblard, sound artist and naturalist living in the northeast of France, has spent several years listening to and recording an acoustic phenomenon occuring in the winter time. The tiniest crackles inside the ice of frozen lakes produce mechanical vibrations. Under specific atmospheric conditions, these impulses propagate in the ice, whose tension makes it similar to the skin of a drum. The acoustic result is an unbelievable blend of drumming sounds and etheral resonances.

This CD retraces the whole phenomena : in 55 minutes, one can discover the different steps of what happened at Lac de Pierre Percée (a lake close to Marc’s village) on the 16th of January 2006. It began with the frost falling on the vegetation accompanied by birds in the distance. The first brief percussive sounds announced the ice beginning its work under the first sunrays. A little bit later, the ice started to crackle : sounds became longer and more intense. At the end of the session, ice was breaking everywhere, the lake was singing. The phenomenon vanished with the appearance of a slight breeze.
Source : cd booklet


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