David Tudor, Rainforest

RAINFOREST is one of Tudor’s landmark works. It exists in 4 possible performance versions.

To describe RAINFOREST is completely impossible. Like the real rainforest, it has too many moving parts. To describe how it works is only a little less difficult. To hear it in operation, however, is an unforgettable experience. Surrounding and engulfing the listener, RAINFOREST blends music and sculpture by placing music in space in extraordinary ways.

The idea is to channel electronic output through an object rather than through the usual device, a loudspeaker. Dozens of unique and unlikely objects are suspended from the ceiling at about ear level. The space is filled with gentle sounds given off by the vibration of the hanging objects. Tudor could pick up the vibrations of any of these objects via a contact microphone, feed it back into his controls for filtering and mixing, and then redistribute the sound out again to some other object or a conventional loudspeaker. The recycling phenomenon that takes place makes the entire electro-acoustic apparatus of RAINFOREST an « ecologically balanced sound system. »

The result is a timeless sonic environment full of rich textures offering the listener an infinite variety of aural densities and spatial effects. Intensely alive and unlimited, it is a masterpiece of composition.

Source : Mode records

>Interviews with David Tudor about Rainforest


A rainforest diagram  © David Tudor


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